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Zeal & Ardor- "Don't You
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Glenn Beck and Dave Rubin
Rubin je još jedini norma
Najbolji film 2016: RIGHT
Danas na RTS2 novi Malick
30 najboljih albuma 2016.
Zijev... Zijev x 2
30 najboljih albuma 2016.



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City of Ghosts (2017)

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   Nedjelja, 31 Prosinac 2017 17:24

Nisam gledao, ali čekam. Jako! (sad za novogodišnju večer bacim oko... ;))

Od autora "Cartel Land" (2015).


The Evolution Of Tim Ferriss

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   Subota, 30 Prosinac 2017 17:07

If you think you know Tim Ferriss, think again – this is Tim like you’ve never seen him before. This is exactly the kind of conversation I have been patiently waiting to have with Tim ever since I started this podcast – a sincere, deeply personal exchange with the human being behind the blog, books and podcast. For the uninitiated, Tim is an expert at deconstructing mastery and sharing what he has learned on his wildly popular blog and four consecutive #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling books. His newest offering is entitled Tribe Of Mentors. Tim has graced the main stage at TED and been featured in every prominent media outlet imaginable. The Tim Ferriss Show podcast is one of the most widely listened to podcasts in the world with over 200 million downloads. 


That Man Is Dangerous: The Birth of Takeshi Kitano

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   Nedjelja, 17 Prosinac 2017 12:12

Pali titl i uživaj! :)


Mount Kimbie - Blue Train Lines (Official Video) ft. King Krule

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   Utorak, 12 Prosinac 2017 20:28


Kara-Lis Coverdale - Piano I

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   Utorak, 12 Prosinac 2017 13:06

Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida by NÍDIA

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   Utorak, 12 Prosinac 2017 13:00

Zaytoven - Against The Clock (ft. Yung Pinch)

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   Nedjelja, 10 Prosinac 2017 13:52

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