Twilight Of The Yakuza

   Petak, 21 Rujan 2018 23:44


Apple Engineer Talks About New 2016 Macbook Pro

   Subota, 08 Rujan 2018 12:37

Klasik, 2 godine kasnije i dalje urnebes! :)


Tokyo Idols (2017)

   Utorak, 04 Rujan 2018 18:43

Fascinating and sometimes creepy look at the bizarre world of teen idols in Japan and their fanatical middle-aged devotees. Reveals how otaku (pop culture geeks) choose the escapist fantasy provided by these budding starlets, some as young as 10, over relationships with real women. An uncomfortable yet compelling watch.


ISIL is using the language barriers within its ranks to evolve jihad beyond Arabic

   Utorak, 07 Kolovoz 2018 23:37

It seems that the operational simplicity of having everyone in a katiba speak the same language also had a downside: It created an insularity among some fighters, who were perceived as running their own agenda. Abu Khaled, who also speaks French, told Weiss he had put together a proposal for a francophone katiba, but that it wasn’t approved. Previous problems were cited with an all-Libyan katiba that had proven more loyal to its own emir (leader) than to ISIL, and also with Russian-speaking katibas that had a tendency to go rogue. To avoid rifts and create a coherent army, ISIL now seemed to feel, it was better to get people to exchange cultures and languages.

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