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Charlie Brooker's 2016 Wipe

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Najbolji film 2016: RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN

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(službeno iz 2015., no u blizini tek u 2016...)


Gucci Mane: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

   Četvrtak, 22 Prosinac 2016 01:00

Frannie Kelley | December 12, 2016 — Gucci Mane's smile makes you feel like there's still some good in the world. He's really earned it, and that thing is infectious. We asked him to come to NPR because we wanted to be a part of the victory tour he's been on this year: In the past six months or so, Gucci Mane was released early from the federal penitentiary; he proposed to his girlfriend on the kiss cam at a Hawks game, and she said yes; he's releasing a total of three albums, all over which he celebrates his newly committed sobriety; he and Courtney Love look like they get along; and he remade "Jingle Bells."

In this Tiny Desk concert, Gucci Mane performed with just his longtime producer and friend, Zaytoven, on piano. Their version of stripped-down is a minimal backing track and plenty of church-groomed trills. They performed with the understanding that everyone in the room knew their songs — one from 2009 and two from this year — and knew that this performance would represent a surreal dip into a parallel universe where ingenuity is rewarded, snobbery is gone and love is real. Gucci Mane agreed to this unlikely set as a gesture to those people — for remembering his work while he was away, and for cheering on his resurgence, his health, his charm and his singular nature.

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