"Hunting Isis" (2018)

   Četvrtak, 28 Lipanj 2018 18:36

Nakon "Hunting Hitler" dolazi nam - "Hunting Isis". Može! :)

A documentary series following a group of veteran and civilian volunteers who travel to Syria and Iraq to fight against ISIS alongside local militias.


The Entropic Brain: A Theory of Conscious States Informed by Neuroimaging Research with Psychedelic Drugs

   Subota, 23 Lipanj 2018 00:20

Vrijeme je za - znanost!

Entropy is a dimensionless quantity that is used for measuring uncertainty about the state of a system but it can also imply physical qualities, where high entropy is synonymous with high disorder. Entropy is applied here in the context of states of consciousness and their associated neural dynamics, with a particular focus on the psychedelic state. The psychedelic state is considered an exemplar of a primitive or primary state of consciousness that preceded the development of modern, adult, human, normal waking consciousness. Based on neuroimaging data with psilocybin, a classic psychedelic drug, it is argued that the defining feature of ‘primary states’ is elevated entropy in certain aspects of brain function, such as the repertoire of functional connectivity motifs that form and fragment across time.


Noisey Mix: Christina Vantzou

   Nedjelja, 17 Lipanj 2018 14:03

Documentary: DMTrmx

   Nedjelja, 17 Lipanj 2018 13:07

Terence McKenna talks us through a DMT trip, reproduced as stunningly and accurately as is possible without going down the wormhole yourself.

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