Fall of Raqqa: The secret deal - BBC News

   Srijeda, 31 Siječanj 2018 13:06

When US-backed Syrian fighters took full control of the city of Raqqa, it ended three years of rule there by so-called Islamic State. But now the BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let several hundred IS fighters escape. IS made Raqqa in northern Syria its headquarters in early 2014. Last month Raqqa fell, but this programme has learnt that in exchange for a deal to save lives and bring peace to the city, a convoy carrying several hundred IS fighters, their families and weapons and ammunition -- were able to leave the city freely. The question now is, where are they now? Our Middle East Correspondent, Quentin Sommerville, has this exclusive report.


Unfinished: The Making of Massive Attack

   Srijeda, 31 Siječanj 2018 00:32

A BBC documentary, first broadcast on the 6th September 2016, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Massive Attack's seminal debut album Blue Lines.



   Ponedjeljak, 22 Siječanj 2018 03:20


Картины by Sunmoonstar

   Utorak, 09 Siječanj 2018 17:41


Boris & Merzbow Boiler Room Tokyo Live Set

   Utorak, 09 Siječanj 2018 13:02

Eksplodirao bih od sreće koliko je ovo dobro! :)

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