The Case of the Ancient Astronauts (BBC Horizon/PBS NOVA 1977)

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   Četvrtak, 16 Veljača 2012 01:00

A VHS copy of the PBS NOVA/BBC Horizon documentary examining the theories of proponents of ancient alien encounters. Subjects include the Egyptian Pyramids, Maya glyphs, the Easter Island Heads, the Nazca Lines, and more. Audio and video quality is sub-par, but thus far no DVD or other digital versions seem to exist. VHS tapes only seem to exist in university libraries and have been sitting around since the late 1970s.
Considering the current popularity of these sorts of theories as seen on the History Channel, it seems worth while to have this blast from the past to show that these ideas are old, and their proponents are not scholars and have lax standards for sensational hypotheses. Perhaps a future version of this program will counter the current hype and provide more appropriate education.
This old documentary also includes a few segments with the late Carl Sagan.

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