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   Srijeda, 02 Svibanj 2012 00:00

You all may know Anthony Bourdain from his Emmy award winning show, No Reservations, where he does pretty much everyone's dream job of traveling the world and eating incredible things. He has a second show debuting on The Travel Channel in November called "The Layover" which is a high-octane travel series that follows him to cities around the world as he gives viewers the inside scoop on where to eat, where to drink, and what to do on a 24-hour layover.

He has written several books including Kitchen Confidential, A Cook's Tour and Medium Raw.
He is joined by his Emmy-award winning team for No Reservations and The Layover:
TOM VITALE, an Emmy-nominee, Producer/Director of No Reservations and "The Layover"
ZACH ZAMBONI, 2-time Emmy-winning Director of Photography of No Reservations and also the Director of Photography of "The Layover"
TODD LIEBLER, 2-time Emmy-winning Director of Photography of No Reservations.

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