'Conspiracy Cinema' by David Ray Carter

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   Četvrtak, 31 Svibanj 2012 00:00

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Ever listen to Coast to Coast AM? Do you have even a passing familiarity with False Flags or moon cities? Even if you have no clue what I’m talking about, and think you couldn’t care less, Conspiracy Cinema by David Ray Carter is an illuminating romp.
Organized by subcategories, CC looks at everything from 9/11 and JFK to The New World Order and Tupac. The accessibility of this tome comes from its setup. Each theory is explained; its truths and common theories spelled out. Under each category you’ll find a list of documentaries dealing with the subject matter. Carter’s lists are extensive as he leaves no stones unturned. Films range from the self-financed to Youtube uploaded. Much credit must be given to the author. It’s clear he has dedicated chunks of time to not just examining these entries, but also simply finding them.
While reading through, it’s obvious these films are not for everyone. But that’s the beauty of the book. The author gives us a synopsis and let’s us decide if this is something we’d like to examine more. It’s a wonder he’s able to maintain such an objective eye and even keel while delving into such wild subject matter.
As someone who has only casual knowledge of FEMA Camps and The Illuminati, this certainly whet my appetite. Conspiracy theories are often easily dismissed, but Conspiracy Cinema accomplishes something the best docs also will: makes us question. That, my friends, is the most important thing.

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