Zombie Apocalypse: Face-Eating In China

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   Ponedjeljak, 02 Srpanj 2012 00:00

Zombi apokalipsa se širi na Kinu! :)
"The newest “zombie” story to come out is from China, where a bus driver reportedly stopped his bus in traffic, blocking a woman’s car. He then got off the bus, climbed up on the hood of the woman’s car, and began beating at her windshield. When she got out of the car in a panic, he jumped on her and began chewing her face. Allegedly, several people tried to pull the man off, to no avail…although someone had the presence of mind to snap pictures as it was happening. Thank goodness for bystanders! Police eventually responded and took the man into custody."


(stari primjeri - ovdje, ovdje i ovdje)

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