Extremley rare Star Wars footage - Return of the Ewok

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   Utorak, 03 Srpanj 2012 00:00

Legendary 1st AD David Tomblin spend most of his days off and lunch breaks during the filming of "Return of the Jedi" on his own little 24 minute project, "Return of the Ewok". Eleven year old Warwick Davis inspired this fictional  account of him landing the part of an  Ewok. It features most of the film's stars in costume, plus some sequences from the Battle of Endor filmed from a different angle (with Tomblin's personal 16mm camera). In the film, young Warwick is looking for a job. After trying his tiny hands at  weightlifting in David Prowse's London Gym, he passes a Cinema playing "The Empire Strikes Back". Warwick decides to go into acting himself... For many years this elaborate Home Movie remained just that, with the only VHS copy thought to belong to the Warwick family. It was finally screened it at Star Wars conventions and of course, bootleg copies have surfaced. However, nobody knows what happened to the original 16 mm print. This version features the original VHSrip scenes intercut with screener footage shot during a live presentation. It is probably as complete as you will ever find.

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