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Detroit to be hit by flesh and brain-eating zombie apocalypse (but only if live-action terror theme park plan is pushed through)

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   Petak, 06 Srpanj 2012 00:00

Detroit has become known in recent years for pioneering 'creative solutions' like urban farming and pedestrian-friendly greenway trials. Soaring budget deficits and a declining population has forced businesses and the authorities to 'think outside the box'.
And Siwak, who has raised $2,200 of the $140,000 needed through fundraising website IndieGoGo, said his theme park could be the perfect solution. He told CBS Detroit: 'The city can only have so many urban farms or similar uses for vacant plots.'
And he revealed he is already receiving CVs from hundreds of residents keen to work at the tourist attraction. He added: 'While zombies are great, the real neat thing about this project is the potential to inject some life into a forgotten neighbourhood - with the opportunity to work with neighbourhood groups and organisation'. The project would follow in the footsteps of Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, where thrill-seekers wield paint ball guns to play hide-and-seek with undead zombies in a formerly abandoned truck stop.


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