Sweded movies: the end of Hollywood as we know it?

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   Ponedjeljak, 09 Srpanj 2012 11:28

Homemade tributes to Hollywood classics turn blockbusters into folk cinema. The studios can't decide whether they are terrified or charmed by the trend
Such videos – at least the good ones – are generally received with the kind of indulgent affection that might greet a child's made-up play; after all, they tap into a childlike love of dressing up and playing make-believe. But to stop there would be to miss the fact that sweded movies are a form of talking back to Hollywood. Along with recut trailers and "supercuts" of familiar tropes, they represent a fledgling digital moving-image culture that presents a radical challenge to the mainstream movie industry. They are created as fun for fans but the ideas of entitlement and agency underpinning these videos will shape how we all consume – and produce – moving images in the 21st century. They are a taste of what comes after Hollywood.


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