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   Srijeda, 11 Srpanj 2012 00:00

Robotic assistants may adapt to humans in the factory, thanks to new algorithm

Does this picture show the 'ghost' of a universe that existed before the Big Bang?

Paul Krugman's Alien Invasion Defense Idea To Save Economy Gets Brickbats, Bouquets From Experts

Researchers create a new male contraceptive that you apply like lotion

The Gate of the Gods

World's first GM babies born

'UFO' at the bottom of the Baltic Sea 'cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m'

Robot Hand Beats Humans at Rock-Paper-Scissors One Hundred Percent of the Time

Reality Show on Mars Could Fund Manned Colony by 2023

Scientists Harness Human Power for Electricity

National Geographic looking to respond to "alien" Wow! signal from 1977

Error 451: This Page Has Been Burned

National Park‘s ’Slave for a Day’ Event Draws Outrage

Couple 'raped baby daughter during supervised visit and recorded sex abuse of 18-month-old nephew'

Meteorite storm 'smashed the Earth 12,000 years ago and killed off a prehistoric people'

Kinect to watch your emotions and serve up ads

Could Cops Scan Suspicious Web Search Terms for Pre-Crime Prevention?

The Final Battles of Pope Benedict XVI

Antidepressants in water trigger autism genes in fish

Unborn babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults

Gut bacteria may influence thoughts and behaviour

Ten things you don’t know about the Earth

Mass Hysteria Confirmed in New York School

The woman with superhuman sight: Scientists say they have found doctor who can see 99 MILLION more colours than average human

Rangers Broadcaster Barnett OK After Bizarre On-Air Moment

Plague Rare in U.S., Surfacing in More Affluent Areas

Ancient warming greened Antarctica, research finds

Amazing Journey To The World's Largest Cave That Has A Jungle And Waterfalls Hidden Deep Inside!

Suppressed By Scholars: Twin Ancient Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Pacific

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