Seksualna revolucija u Kini, 2012.

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   Srijeda, 31 Listopad 2012 00:00

"What the hell is going on in China? I've even read claims of people having sex in the open, and that it's now officially sanctioned by the state!"
"I live in Shanghai, and can say, China has been and continues to be in the midst of a sexual revolution, I suppose similar to what my parents experienced in the States in the 1960s. While I haven't seen anyone having sex out in the open (although I have walked in on couples having sex in bar/nightclub restrooms multiple times), sex in general seems to have a central role in society here. Much of it takes place behind closed hotels, ktv bars, etc...but seems to be increasingly more noticeable. Prostitution, while technically illegal, is everywhere and highly commercialized."


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November 03, 2012

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