Horror Europa with Mark Gatiss (BBC)

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   Četvrtak, 08 Studeni 2012 11:52

Following his acclaimed 2010 BBC Four series A History Of Horror, Mark turns to explore the story of European horror, looking at how the genre came to reflect the continent's turbulent 20th century. Mark Gatiss said: "What fascinates me about the story of European Horror is its sheer diversity, the sense that there's a parallel, but entirely separate story to the English language one. "Europe is so much the home of Horror, with its myths of vampires, werewolves, witchcraft and the undead, yet it's like those myths were exported to Hollywood, leaving Europe the room to develop a new tradition as a way of processing its traumas, particularly the two world wars. Not suitable for those who are scared of blood, boobies and undead cooties.

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