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   Petak, 30 Studeni 2012 00:32

Kenny kaže:

"I LOVED DOING THE SHOW, TOTALLY LOVED IT.  I WOULD DO 500 MORE EPISODES.  I get tons of emails and comments from fans (constantly) about doing season 7.  Fans don’t seem to understand that it’s not up to me or Spenny.  We need a broadcaster to do the series.  We can’t just go into my backyard and see who can knit a sweater the fastest.  The series is held by broadcasters who will not do more episodes.  Comedy Central owns it in the U.S. and Shaw owns the right to produce it in Canada.  Egg their building, bother them, send angry comments to their Facebook page.  I’m sad that we can’t do the show!  I want to do more!"
"There’s always talk of a Kenny vs. Spenny movie.  If we did one it would be insane."

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