Researchers Develop ‘Zombie’ Cells That Can Increase Performance After Death

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   Petak, 22 Veljača 2013 02:37

I tako počinje... :)

Researchers have developed mammalian “zombie” cells that can actually function more effectively after dying. By replicating a near-perfect version of a living mammalian cell, University of New Mexico researchers have created cells that not only look identical, but are also more apt to survive adverse conditions than the living organisms they were modeled after.


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klasično novinarsko nabrijavanje...

'This has nothing to do with zombies or anything like zombies. They just encased the cell and its contents in silica, then burned away the original, leaving a "fossil" that can be studied. The writer was either dumbing down the science or didn't understand it to begin with, while also sensationalizing it for the current idiotic zombie craze fanatics. '
February 22, 2013

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pa naravno da nema, u tome i jest fora...
February 22, 2013

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