When Brain Damage Unlocks The Genius Within

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   Srijeda, 06 Ožujak 2013 00:00

Derek Amato stood above the shallow end of the swimming pool and called for his buddy in the Jacuzzi to toss him the football. Then he launched himself through the air, head first, arms outstretched. He figured he could roll onto one shoulder as he snagged the ball, then slide across the water. It was a grave miscalculation. The tips of Amato’s fingers brushed the pigskin—then his head slammed into the pool’s concrete floor with such bone-jarring force that it felt like an explosion. He pushed to the surface, clapping his hands to his head, convinced that the water streaming down his cheeks was blood gushing from his ears.


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Ili još bolje/gore pretvori te u manijakalnog ubojicu!Ko što se desilo sa Benoitom.Tak bar velesmilies/grin.gif
March 06, 2013

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desilo se i Bronsonu...
March 06, 2013

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