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   Utorak, 12 Ožujak 2013 00:00

Seattle dive bar becomes first to ban Google Glass

NYSE prepares disaster backup plan: WSJ

The Latest Neanderthal

Millionaire plans to send man and woman to Mars and back

Everything You Need To Know About The Piracy-Battling Copyright Alert System

“It’s a little freaky at first, but you get used to it”: Sergey Brin and Google Glass at TED2013

Discoveries Suggest Icy Cosmic Start for Amino Acids and DNA Ingredients

The 4 Best Conspiracy Theories About The Russian Meteorite

Tesla vs. Einstein: The Ether & the Birth of the New Physics

Skull & Bones: It's Not Just for White Dudes Anymore

Scientists Put A Working Eyeball On A Tadpole's Tail

Horrific Cult Broken Up In Northern Mexico

3-D-Printed Implant Replaces 75 Percent Of Man's Skull

The First Bionic Hand that Can Feel

Wearable Computers Could Help Build A Better You

Mysterious purple spheres found in Arizona desert defy explanation

Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail

For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of WWII

Universal sphere vortex Theory

Amazon spider discovered making decoys of itself to ward off predators

Redneck or Refined: Deer Butt Art

Fighting may have shaped evolution of human hand

Controversial Surgery for Addiction Burns Away Brain’s Pleasure Center

Bilderburgers Beware!

Hands On With Kim Dotcom’s New Mega: This Service Could Dismantle Copyright Forever

Airpocalypse: Beijing faces life-threatening air pollution levels

The Time We Thought We Knew

Vietnamese eat rats and are aggressive, Stanford professor says in article, triggering online uproar

China Eclipses U.S. as Biggest Trading Nation

China tightens concert rules after Elton John's 'disrespectful' Beijing show

'Record close' asteroid may miss the Earth but it could take out your phone

India’s Novel Use of Brain Scans in Courts Is Debated

Roman Polanski: 'Everyone else fancies little girls too'

Sweat mutation may have helped us colonise Asia

More Evidence of an Ancient Egyptian and Pleiadian Presence in Australia

Here's Why So Many Russians Have Dash Cams

Having sons can shorten a woman's life expectancy

Death in Singapore

Phytoremediation: Using Cannabis Plants to Clean Soil

Was that Fireball a Meteor or a Meteorite?

Films For Action Presents: The Top 100 Documentaries Inspiring the Shift to a Sustainable Paradigm

In response to former manager, Mirko Cro Cop digs a deeper hole

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

Falun Gong's Challenge to China: Spiritual Practice Or "Evil Cult"?

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