Hacker uncovers even more George W. Bush paintings

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   Srijeda, 27 Ožujak 2013 16:04

If the art of Margaret Keane and C.M. Coolidge aren’t distressing enough for you, tuck in your bib and get ready to feast on your own tears. George W. Bush is back and his paintings are horrifying! You may recall the unplanned opening of our 43rd president’s art show after his sister’s email was hacked by a someone called “Guccifer” in early February. Now, after Guccifer’s latest, a hack of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email over the weekend, Gawker received six more works of presidential plasticit.


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Marko & The Zapresic UFOs kaže:

autoportret u kupaoni je moj favorit. sviđaju mi se slike. baš iznenađenje. Guccifer je postao hakerski banksy.
April 01, 2013

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