Rupert Murdoch firm dips into hipsters' bible with $70m stake in Vice

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   Ponedjeljak, 19 Kolovoz 2013 00:00

Biti indie je lijepo, dok netko ne zamaše s ozbiljnom lovom...

Vice Media, the multi-platform purveyor of music, fashion and quixotic journalism from international trouble spots, has sold a 5% stake to Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox.
Fox, which was spun off from News Corp earlier this year, confirmed the $70m (£45m) deal, which marks the latest stage in the evolution of Vice from an off-beat Canadian magazine into a global brand frequently dubbed the hipsters' bible.
Murdoch has hinted at being an admirer of the Vice brand in the past, tweeting after a visit last year to Brooklyn, where Vice is based: "Who's heard of VICE media? Wild, interesting effort to interest millennials who don't read or watch established media. Global success."


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