The people’s panopticon

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   Ponedjeljak, 18 Studeni 2013 03:17

Hence the interest, among life loggers, in Google Glass, a thin headband which allows the wearer to take pictures and to see data on a tiny screen held just above, and to one side of, the right eye. (Disclosure: Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, this week became one of The Economist’s non-executive directors; like the rest of our directors he has no influence over our stories.) It is not the first wearable camera; but Google is hoping to make it the first that lots of people want to wear. Unlike Mr Gurrin’s hardware, Glass is not designed to record whole days, let alone whole lives; Thad Starner of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who is an adviser to Google on the project, says that “Glass is a horrible life-logging platform.” But if Glass is a hit it will be another step on the way to a world where those who wish to can record, rewind and rewatch more of what they see more easily—and where everyone else can end up recorded as part of the process.


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