Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra and What Political Music Means in the 21st Century

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   Utorak, 21 Siječanj 2014 11:55

The thing is, songs reflect the age in which they were written. And it’s 2014, not 1964. The optimism of the ’60s counterculture has long since dissipated, along with any sort of conviction that rock ‘n’ roll can change the world. You could dismiss this as millennial angst or apathy, but I’d argue that if anything, it’s a sort of savvy realism — this generation has seen the legacy of the ’60s counterculture and the way that kaftans and love-ins and protests from bed singularly failed to change the world. They’re also distrustful of political rhetoric, because they hear it every day from politicians, and have done so all their lives.


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