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   Utorak, 25 Ožujak 2014 00:00

Why do Chinese audience's love 3-D films so much?
In China, 3-D films are released exclusively in 3-D. There is no 2-D option. RoboCop was converted to 3-D exclusively for its China release. Because of this lack of choice, cinemas can charge a 50% surcharge on 3-D tickets in what is already one of the most expensive countries in the world to watch movies. If audiences in China are less price-sensitive, it's because going to the cinema is already a luxury. Eight of the ten all-time highest grossing films in China were released in 3-D, of which four are Chinese-language films.

Why are horror films banned in China?
Some superstitious and supernatural elements such as ghosts are forbidden in local films (although demons transformed from animal spirits are permitted), but horror films are not banned. In fact, there's been a boom in horror films in China in recent years, including a number of surprisingly violent slasher horrors. In China, there is currently no ratings system that can restrict selected films to adult viewers.


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