Joey Figueroa About the Epic John Milius, the Teddy Bear with the AK-47

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   Subota, 14 Lipanj 2014 00:00

Childhood obsession for Milius's movies
The four amigos: Spielberg, Milius, Coppola, Lucas
A picture of MIlius with no guns?!?
Directing as self defense
Daniele would give somebody else's right arm for fiction written by Milius
How a 1/2 hour meet and greet turned into a 6 hour conversation
Milius would say 'fuck you' in a very poetic way
I love Milius for the same reasons I love Evan Tanner--all heart, all epic
Alligators with a moat: what the UFC would like had Milius had his way.
The Rome TV series
Carlin talks about history the way Milius directs
"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star" -Nietzsche
Milius would never do The Goonies. He only did movies he wanted to make
Handing a loaded gun to Martin Sheen to "help" him deliver lines better
Inviting the Hell's Angels to lunch at the Warner Studios


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