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'Eros Under The Swastika'

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   Četvrtak, 05 Veljača 2015 13:21

Odličan dokumentarac, nađite, gledajte!

This documentary combines rare archive footage with commentaries from contemporary eye-witnesses in a portrayal of the sexual morals of Nazism. According to this documentary, the controlled interplay of man and woman was an important component in the Nazi ideology. Immediately after their seizure of power, the Nazis banned everything that seemed suspicious and decadent from the revelry of the roaring twenties. Permissive morals, displays of nudity were forbidden and condemned. The cohabitation of man and woman was to serve only one purpose - the production of children. Single mothers were taken to special 'Lebensborn' homes, where they were deliberately 'mated' with blond SS officers. The director of this institution speaks openly about the 'breeding purposes' which were to serve the 'Aryianisation of the race.' This documentary also includes footage from a pornographic film made during the Third Reich, interviews with a former League of German Girls group leader and a 90-year old who used to live in Hamburg's red-light district.

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