"We're All Perverts": The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality with Author Christopher Ryan

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   Srijeda, 15 Srpanj 2015 17:26

"If you look at us as a species, we're not very impressive," says author Christopher Ryan. "What we're good at is forming complex social networks."
Christopher Ryan sits down with Reason contributor Thaddeus Russell to discuss his book, Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality. Together with Cacilda Jethá, Ryan has written about the history of human sexuality and why we should fight against "socially imposed restrictions." By looking at archaeology, primate biology, human physiology, and anthropological studies of pre-agricultural tribes from around the world, Ryan says we aren't meant to be in life-long monogamous unions.
Watch the video above as Russel and Ryan discuss desire, jealousy and the harmful consequences of repressing healthy sexuality.

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