'Snuff Box'

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   Srijeda, 09 Rujan 2015 00:00

One of the strangest British TV series you will see. Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher—of The Mighty Boosh fame—present a very dark and naughty sense of humour here that makes you wonder how they managed to get this show aired on TV even. You can easily see why only 6 episodes of this show were made before it got cancelled. It has a lot of memorable jokes and all 6 episodes are worth a watch. The circumstances how this series came into being are also quite interesting: »A difficult-to-categorize blend of a sketch show and a pitch-black sitcom, Snuff Box’s six-episode run aired only once on BBC Three in 2006, with no promotion to speak of and a late Monday night time slot. That may seem like shabby treatment, and it was, but Box only existed because it filled in for another show that BBC executives liked even less. Snuff Box’s production company, Channel X, had previously created an animated series called Popetown for BBC Three, and the cartoon was withdrawn before it aired because of protests from Catholic groups. As a sort of make-good, the network offered Channel X a contract for another series, which became Snuff Box. Since it was born as a way for BBC Three to close out the Popetown affair, Snuff Box ended up in a rare Xanadu of creative freedom: The show was practically guaranteed to reach the air, but network executives regarded it with indifference (when they regarded it at all). Creators and Mighty Boosh veterans Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher, who play characters by the same names in the show, used this institutional apathy to their advantage.

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