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An Abridged Aural History of Oral Sex in Hip-Hop

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   Subota, 26 Rujan 2015 11:59

When Jhene Aiko nonchalantly stated that all prospective partners must, “eat the booty like groceries,” this, among other such odes to tongue-centric activities signaled that it was seemingly shaping up to be the year of unabashed annilingus. Aiko is of course not the first and certainly won’t be the last artist to lyrically ponder what dat mouf do. However, it is interesting to observe how sexuality and what sexual practices are deemed acceptable has evolved in hip-hop over the past two decades.
Throughout the ‘90s it seemed that many male rappers weren’t quite ready to cop to being “cunning linguists.”  In fact, quite a few lyrically decried the practice, but were nevertheless completely down for fellatio.


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