Is the Album Review Dead?

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   Utorak, 01 Ožujak 2016 11:34

There are enough services competing to offer us streaming music—Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Rhapsody, 8tracks, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp, to name a few (and that’s not even mentioning the illegal download market)—that it would take hundreds of thousands of years to listen to it all. So with every new album available at our fingertips completely for free at the instant of its release for our own personal judgment, you’ve got to wonder: Do we still need the album review?
“Album reviews were a critical piece of the puzzle when print media was king—part of breaking an act alongside word-of-mouth, radio play, and video play,” Pam Nashel Leto, a publicist for Girlie Action, tells me. Leto has been working as a music publicist since 1998 and has promoted Elliott Smith, Spiritualized, and The White Stripes. “Back then, album reviews carried a lot of weight—a positive review in publications like SPIN, Rolling Stone, The Source, Magnet, or The New York Times was enough to make readers curious, enough to make them go and buy the album—at an actual record store—or see them live, sometimes without ever having heard a track off the album.”


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