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Trolling the Elections with Canadian Kenny Hotz

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   Ponedjeljak, 18 Travanj 2016 22:32

You may know Kenny Hotz from such television shows as Kenny vs. Spenny or his writerly contributions to a small, indie cartoon called South Park. But for the past few years, he's been sitting in Toronto, observing the continual decay of society, whilst stewing in his own particular brand of madness. That's why we unleashed him on the American election a few weeks back during the Florida Primary to see what he could evoke from what is undoubtably the most carnivalesque western election of all time. What we ended up with was nudity, a near-arrest, and a litany of conspiratorial answers from regular ol' Americans. Just watch.

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adrian kaže:

fakat mi je drago KH-a vidjet ponovno na ekranima, mozda i nova sezona sa spennyem, nikad se ne zna
iako su sanse za to male
Travanj 22, 2016

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