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Zeal & Ardor- "Don't You
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Glenn Beck and Dave Rubin
Rubin je još jedini norma
Najbolji film 2016: RIGHT
Danas na RTS2 novi Malick
30 najboljih albuma 2016.
Zijev... Zijev x 2
30 najboljih albuma 2016.



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Documentary: DMTrmx

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Terence McKenna talks us through a DMT trip, reproduced as stunningly and accurately as is possible without going down the wormhole yourself.


The Chords of the Universe

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Music and mathematics have always been intimately intertwined. Anyone who has ever played a musical instrument is aware of the presence of mathematics on every page of the score – from the time signature that sets a piece’s rhythm, to the metronome number that determines the speed at which the piece should be played; and, of course, the very act of playing music requires us to count 1, 2, 3… and arrange these numbers into groups, called bars or measures. So it comes as no surprise that mathematics has had a significant influence on music. Much less known is that the influence extends both ways.




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Tim Kennedy Interview | The Tim Ferriss Show

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Nicolas Jaar - A.A.L (Against All Logic) 2012 - 2017 (Full Album)

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Ljetni drajv!


Coheed and Cambria - The Dark Sentencer (Official Audio)

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Konačno - novo! Amen, aleluja! :)


Kandžija 'BETON'

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Extreme Brutality and Detailed Record-Keeping

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MOSUL, Iraq — In June 2014, after it captured Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, the Islamic State wanted both legitimacy and revenue. To get that, it used armed militants — and seasoned bureaucrats. There were even forms for suicide bombers to fill out. Here is one fighter’s will.



This Is Water - David Foster Wallace Commencement Speech

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Commencement Speech to Kenyon College class of 2005 written by David Foster Wallace.

Oldiz bat goldiz

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